The Pre-Registration Challenge officially launches!

A project I am involved with “The Pre-Registration Challenge” has officially launched today - its a great opportunity for you to try out a new methodological approach in the spirit of open science.

Full details about entering the challenge can be found here:

If you decide to enter, you will be walked through a step-by-step pre-registration (specifying methods and analysis prior to data collection) on The Open Science Framework. As a small incentive, you could also win $1000…

If you’re in the London area and umming and ahhing about the whole thing, then as a further incentive I will happily take you out for a coffee and a pre-registration chat. I’ll pay for the coffee even if you don’t decide to try out pre-registration, so you have nothing to lose!

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Two-month Visiting Scholar position at The Center for Open Science

I’ll be spending the next couple of months as a Visting Scholar at The Center for Open Science working on a couple of exciting projects. Returning to London around mid-July.

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Our forthcoming event asks "Is Science Broken?"

I am delighted to announce our forthcoming event addressing the integrity of scientific research to be hosted by The Department of Experimental Psychology, UCL on 17th March 2015. The event will feature a talk from Professor Chris Chambers, followed by a panel debate chaired by Professor David Shanks and featuring Professor Dorothy Bishop, Professor Sophie Scott, Dr Sam Schwarzkopf, and Neuroskeptic.

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New paper on Scientists, Systems, and Suspect Statistics

I recently attended The University of Amsterdam’s conference on Human Factors in Science which addressed some of issues involved in the current ‘crisis of confidence’ occurring in scientific integrity. Some fellow PhD students and I wrote an extensive review for the journal Option1826 which is available open-access. You can read the abstract below.

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Forthcoming presentation on reconsolidation at EPS London

I will be presenting some of our work on memory reconsolidation at the Experimental Psychology Society London Meeting on January 9th at 4pm. You can read the abstract below.

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