New paper - Open Badges Scheme improves quality and quantity of data/materials sharing

Our meta-science project evaluating the effectiveness of the Open Badges scheme was published today in PLoS Biology (Kidwell et al., 2016). The idea behind badges is simple: when a paper is accepted for publication, the editor contacts the authors and asks if they would like to make their data and materials publicly available on a 3rd party repository (like the OSF). If the authors decide to go for it (the scheme is voluntary), then a colourful badge will appear at the top of their published manuscript signaling the open practice, along with a download link for the relevant data/materials.

Simple! And apparently highly effective. Here are two of the key figures, showing a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of data-sharing at the journal Psychological Science after Open Badges were introduced in Jan 2014 (comparison journals are also shown).

open badges quantity figure

open badges quality figure

Kidwell, M. C., Lazarević, L. B., Baranski, E., Hardwicke, T. E., Piechowski, S., Falkenberg, L-S., Kennett, C., Slowik, A., Sonnleitner, C., Hess-Holden, C., Errington, T. M., Fiedler, S., & Nosek, B. A. (2016). Badges to acknowledge open practices: A simple, low cost, effective method for increasing transparency. PLoS Biology, 14, 1-15. [doi] [osf] [pdf]